Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

It was my father, Abdul Jamil Kamawal (may Allah have Mercy on him), who started Kama Relief 20 years ago to bring hope for a better life to those in need in Afghanistan. After my father passed away 5 years ago (May Allah grant him Jannah), that responsibility fell on the rest of the board and our family. We had to make a choice whether to stop the work or continue in his legacy. It was an easy decision and we have continued the organization to help the needy in his vision, only for the sake of Allah.

I have no background in humanitarian work. I am a structural engineer, with a small office in Portland, Oregon. I enjoy being close to the Masjid, trying to make up for my shortcomings, trying to learn my deen, and help others where I can. I am in need of Allah’s Forgiveness and Mercy, and that is the sole reason I have continued with Kama Relief, hoping Allah will accept a portion of what we do. I have no other goals than that, and I ask Allah to protect me and my brothers and our families from any wrong intention.

My board and I, along with all the helpers here in the US are all volunteers. From the people making the flyers and updating the website, to the ones running the financial numbers (except the CPA!), we are all doing this to help the needy hoping to receive our compensation from our Lord, the Most Generous.

We take every dollar you donate very seriously, and we take seriously that the money is spent where you indicated and that zakat is distributed in a manner according to the rules of Allah. May Allah forgive our shortcomings.

Join me in giving back to Allah, cleansing our wealth, especially as we are enjoying these last nights of Ramadan, hoping to catch Laylatul Qadr. My promise to you and to everyone who donates and shares, is that I will do my best to use your money in the purest manner possible. I ask Allah to reward every one of you; to protect your family, your children; to remove all of your difficulties in this life and the next; to accept our sadaqa and allow it to be a means of easing the pain of our brothers and sisters in need.