Kama Relief Administrator helped needy children

Decades of conflict have left the economy and healthcare in Afghanistan in dire state. The last few years have brought a series of difficulties for the people of Afghanistan, including droughts, floods, and pandemics. A severe drought in 2018 impacted 95% of the countries farmland and dried up crucial water sources. Following the drought, 2019 brought heavy rainfall that brought widespread flooding. KRC Emergency Relief and Medical Fund helps provide for those impacted by natural disasters such as earthquakes, droughts, and floods. It is truly heartbreaking when a family who has so little also loses the only roof they had, made of tree branches and mud. KRC has provided emergency relief to hundreds of families, including 120 families who were the victims of a devastating flood that destroyed not only their houses but also most of their belongings. This included food, coolers, cooking utensils, bowls, and buckets. Additionally, through a separate distribution, we provide tents, mats, and other basic supplies. Please help get families like these back on their feet. They are our brothers and sisters, and they have only us besides Allah.