Help to Build a Masjid

Kama Relief helps many needy communities build their house of worship, communities that do not have the means even to build a simple building. With donations of a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, we can help build or finish these beautiful places. Imagine the reward of each person you will have for each person who prays there, each student who learns to read, each student who memorizes the Quran, and those who become teachers. Be part of this great Sadaqa Jariya. Help build the house of Allah, and Insha Allah you will have a house built in paradise. What a great tradeoff!

Sponsor a Quran Teacher/Student

The Quran is the word of the Almighty. It is a guidance to mankind and brings tranquility to the soul. You can help bring this guidance and tranquility to hundreds of students by supporting our Quran teachers who teach the proper reading, memorization, and understanding of the Quran. A young boy or girl who learns the Quran grows up with good manners, a good outlook on life, and is able to benefit himself/herself and others. Many of the students go on to further their study in religion, lead prayers and become teachers who go on to teach others. Kama Relief supports over 30 teachers in this program. These teachers are often in financial need themselves and receive no salary from the students.

You can provide Quran and Islamic Studies education to needy children for only $1/month. Sponsor the salary of a teacher, who have up to 60+ students, for only $40/month. We support both male and female teachers. Support this program and you will see your mountain of good deeds with Allah.

Other Causes

Support our Cause

Help our organization by donating today! Every dollar makes a difference.


Our unique orphan program allows you to support the entire orphan family: the orphan siblings and guardian (usually the mother).


Every child deserves to wear clean clothes, yet so many orphans can not afford them. Will you bring a smile to them?

Emergency/Medical Aid

Life is already difficult. But when disasters medical emergencies occur, aid can be the difference between life and death. Let’s choose to save lives.

Winter Relief Package

Winter brings extra hardship for the most vulnerable families. They need our helping hand.

Hot Meals

Provide a warm meal to a needy person or family. Whether as a charity, expiation or aqiqa, help us feed the hungry.

Family Food Rations

Our simplest goal is to fight hunger. Help us feed needy families to make sure they don’t go to sleep hungry.

Ramadan Food Basket

Ramadan is a time of worship, family and being grateful. Let’s make sure the needy families who fast like us, have something to break their fast with.

Ramadan Village Iftar

For just 50 cents, provide a hot iftar meal to a needy orphan, elderly, needy person. Imagine the reward!

Zakat Al-Fitr

Let us fulfill your religion obligation by giving in line with Islamic Law. $10/per person (including unborn child).


We will fulfill your sacrifice in accordance to Islamic rules, while providing the meat to those who rarely eat such luxury.

Boys and Girls Education

We support 2 private schools for boys and girls, teaching basic education (reading, writing, math, science, computer literacy, etc). Let’s build the future together.

Qur’an Teacher

Support a teacher that will guide and teach dozens of students. Your reward will be with Allah for all the good that comes from it.

Orphan School Backpacks

So many orphans can not afford a backpack or school supplies. For $10, we can bring a them a big smile and a future.

Water Well

Build a well that will last, Insha Allah, a lifetime to a needy village.

Water Well Maintenance

Help us to maintain our hundreds of water wells so that they can continue to provide clean water for generations to come.

Build a Masjid

When you help build, repair, furnish the houses of Allah, Allah will build for you a house in Jannah.

Zakat Fund

Purify your wealth by giving zakat. We will make sure this religious obligation is spent appropriately.