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We want to rebuild communities after decades of war and hardship in Afghanistan; communities where every child has access to food, clean water, clothes, warm shelter, education, a good and safe upbringing, and sustainable change that brings hope for a better life.

That is why we don’t just feed stomachs, we nourish souls. With Allah’s help and yours.

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We appeal to you on behalf of the orphan, the widow, the very unfortunate people of Afghanistan, to help ease their difficulty. Especially now, with one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. On top of that, work is hard to come by and food prices of basic staple foods have gone way up. Lets make sure they at least have a little to eat, to curb their hunger.

Though we may be thousands of miles away, our hearts will always be connected to those suffering. The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.

Ramadan 2023

Ramadan is a time of worship, gratitude, and giving back. While millions of Muslims all over the world fast from food and drink during the day, eating a nice meal at the end of the day, much of our ummah (people), unfortunately, does not have a nice meal, if any, to look forward to at the end of each day. Let’s help provide a little extra during this special month, making sure all families can enjoy a warm meal at iftar (evening meal to break their fast) and enough nourishment to keep them healthy.

A Ramadan Food Basket consists of basic supplies such as flour, oil, rice, lentils, and salt, and will often include dates and tea to bring comfort. Make this Ramadan a little more special for an orphan family and their widow mom, for a disabled young man unable to take care of his family, for the elderly, and for the needy. For just $50, you can bring a smile and comfort to these families. Imagine the reward: Our Prophet (peace and blessing be on him) said “Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward similar to the fasting person.” Let’s give of ourselves this Ramadan. This program is


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, we can always lend a helping hand. It just takes a small act of kindness to change a life. Reach out to us today and start making a difference.


Your generosity makes our work possible.

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Other Causes


With Afghanistan’s poverty rate climbing to a devasting 97% (UN 2022 Report), the need to provide basic essential resources is critical. The average family is unable to meet its needs, lacking food, clean water, and reasonable shelter…


Supporting orphans is at the heart of what we aim to do here at Kama Relief. The most neglected and the most in need of our ummah are the orphans; those who have lost their means of support by losing those family members…


Our non-profit organization is committed to improving access to education for disadvantaged communities. Through our various programs and support we empower individuals to achieve their educational goals and build…


Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. We are committed to improving access to education specifically in disadvantaged communities. Our programs give preference to the most underprivileged students…


A warm meal brings comfort to a distressed soul. Whether it’s during iftar in Ramadan, after a natural disaster, or as part of a religious offering, these warm meals make sure the most basic of needs, hunger…

Clean Water

Water is essential to life. Clean water is needed by every person in the world, every single day. Whether it is used for drinking, cooking, cleaning, or purifying oneself physically and spiritually before prayers…


During religious occasions of Ramadan and Eid, while we celebrate Allah’s Mercy, let’s not forget to show mercy to those in need. From a family food basket to a hot iftar meal, from a new pair of clothes to offering…


The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The most beloved of places to Allah are the Mosques.” The Masjids are the Houses of Allah. It is where Muslims find comfort, peace, and tranquility…


Zakat, a pillar of Islam, is a means of purification of our wealth by giving to those in need, in accordance with Islamic guidelines. Zakat is to be given yearly to those eligible. Because zakat has very specific…

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