Students of a Kama Relief supported Quran & Islamic Education program

Imagine being able to provide a student in Afghanistan Islamic education and to learn to read and recite the Quran properly. Sponsor the salary of a Quran/Islamic teacher from whom many children will benefit. Your donation will help guide these students by providing them a safe place to gather, learn proper manners, and the book of Allah. These children will learn the Arabic alphabet, and advance to being able to connect the letters. They should start reading with proper tajweed and recitation. After mastering proper reading, they will memorize the Quran. In as little as 2-3 years, those that continue can finish the memorization become hafiz. They may go on to further their study in the religion, lead prayers, and become teachers who go on to teach others.

Currently KRC supports 30 teachers in this program. These teacher also in financial need and rely on this small salary to provide for their family. Many teachers help many communities, doing it only for the sake of Allah, receiving no salary from those poor communities. You can provide Quran and Islamic Studies education to needy children for only $1/month. Sponsor the salary of a teacher who is taking care of up to 60+ students, for only $40/month. Sponsor these children, from whom no fees are taken, and insha Allah, you will see your mountain of good deeds with Allah.